Why did you choose Annapolis?

I grew up in Annapolis and since my husband was making the move from Upstate New York to Annapolis, I wanted to introduce my city to his family. It was the perfect backdrop for our low-key day wedding. 

Where did you get married?

Our ceremony and reception were both at the Chart House in Eastport. 

Describe your wedding setting?

Everything about the Chart House was perfect! There were boat races the day of our wedding and since we were getting married right in front of their large windows in the lounge, we had sailboats as our backdrop. It was an intimate setting and just felt like we were having a nice lunch with our family and closest friends.

What was the most memorable part of your special day?

 While we were taking photos, our photographer (K.C. Maher) decided to ask one of the boat owners that was docked if we could pose on her boat and take pics. She said yes and we all climbed on board. Our wedding party still talks about that to this day!

Any tips for couples planning a wedding?

Make it personal. Annapolis is a great town for your entire wedding weekend. We were able to introduce our family and friends to some of our favorite places in Annapolis. Instead of doing everything formally, we chose to host our family and friends at restaurants and hotels that we personally love. If you're not too familiar with Annapolis, take a weekend to explore and do the same. It was a great way for our family and friends to get more familiar with us as a couple. 

Would you recommend Annapolis & Anne Arundel County?

It has so much to offer! Whether you're interested in having a city, beach, farm or small town wedding, Anne Arundel County can offer it. You can get so much from one county!