Courtesy of Perskie Photographics

Why did you choose Annapolis?

I grew up near the Annapolis Area (Kent Island) and my then fiance and I were always at the beach so I wanted to have a comfortable and familiar surrounding to start the next chapter of our lives. Annapolis is beautiful, historic, and has waterfront property. Eric and I went to a wedding at Herrington on the Bay about 3 years ago and we fell in love. We made our first wedding plans that night at the wedding. We agreed that we would marry at Herrington on the Bay. It was important to us that we got married outside and on the water. If you are interested in those same characteristics check out Herrington on the Bay.

Where did you get married?

We got married at Herrington on the Bay in Friendship, Maryland. Both the ceremony and reception were held at the venue. This made the transition from the ceremony to the reception smooth and less hectic for our guests. Herrington on the Bay is also a resort area so we were able to stay in their beautiful rooms.

Describe your wedding setting?

Words can not describe how breathtaking this venue is, you have to see it for yourself. We fell in love with Herrington on the Bay years before we got married. It was still our number one choice three years later when we started wedding planning. You have the view of the calm bay, gorgeous boats/yachts, and stunning gardens. My guests could not stop talking about how beautiful our wedding was and how it was the most beautiful wedding they have ever been to. There is a quiet beach for photos, which was very romantic. Herrington on the Bay has a certain elegance that will make your wedding day memorable to you and your guests.

What was the most memorable part of your special day?

Your wedding day flies by so quickly so it's hard to take everything in while in the moment. But when it is complete and we sat back and thought about the day we really appreciated the service we received from the beginning of our wedding planning until the end of our reception. The staff at Herrington on the Bay are remarkable and sweet. They helped make our day smooth and perfect. They have great recommendations for your officiant, photographers, and bakery. Our officiant, Captain Marty Meyer was excellent. As the bride, I was nervous and anxious on our wedding day. When we got to the end of the aisle he greeted me with a warm smile and eased our emotions with fun small talk. He went out of his way to make our rehearsal and rehearsal day special, which also made our ceremony run smoothly.

Any tips for couples planning a wedding?

Herrington on the Bay is a wonderful venue where you can capture beatuiful photos. There are plenty of places for rehearsal dinner, even at the venue. We decided to go with 5waterside restaurant because we didn't want anyone to see our venue before the wedding. We would recommend 5waterside as well, the service and food were fantastic! My number one tip that also comes from my parents would be to go with a venue that has coordinators to help you plan every detail of your wedding. I wouldn't of had an amazing day without my coordinator at Herrington. She eliminated the stress of planning and on our wedding day. She made sure the day went smooth and that I had a drink and appetizers as soon as the ceremony and pictures were finished. :)

Would you recommend Annapolis & Anne Arundel County?

I would recommend Annapolis because it is a beautiful area! There is so much to see and the people are friendly all around.