Why did you choose Annapolis?

We love the state of Maryland and have a special passion for boating on the Chesapeake.

Where in Annapolis?

Herrington on the Bay.

Describe the setting?

The background for our ceremony was so perfect, I didn't have to worry about flowers because it was landscaped so perfectly. We had the bay positioned right behind us which added a special touch to our ceremony. We used Captain Marty as the officiant & requested that he wear his Navy White Uniform which pieced the whole ceremony experience together and made our day even more perfect!

What was the most memorable part?

The whole day was so special for us! However, we had some crazy weather that day--one key part to our day was that it was pouring all day up until our ceremony and then stopped for an hour, which allowed us to have the ceremony outside as planned, and then began to pour again as we got announced into the reception!

Any tips for couples planning a wedding?

 We loved having our wedding at Herrington! They took such awesome care of us & definitely took care of our stress! Its worth your money! Captain Marty did such a great job at helping to ease our anxiety by making funny jokes on the side--which our guests loved because even though they couldn't always hear his joking comments, they could tell that it was relaxing us and helping us to be ourselves and to enjoy the day! I definitely recommend to request him to wear his Navy White uniform--it adds a classic touch to the ceremony!

Would you recommend Annapolis?

Yes, the entire area is so beautiful--it adds such a unique touch.